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Hardware Hacking In the right way
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Hardware Hacking In the right way

                      Very cool book ~ if you have got the guts & intelligence :
              Author: Joe Grand , Ryan Russell | English | PDF | 576 Pages | Size 36 MB

Book Description:

The title explains it all: how to get your hardware to do things it wasn’t designed to do. This is a really cool book, a very interesting read, and a primer in basic electronics. It covers topics as varied as how to install a bigger hard drive in your iPod, how to add more memory to your PalmPilot, and how to build your own media center PC. But the book gets into some really interesting modifications, like re-housing your old Macintosh into an entirely Lego case, updating the audio and video outputs of your Atari 2600 system, and how to make your Atari 7800 play 2600 games. Since you’re dealing with sensitive electronics, which damage very easily, the theme carried through this book is “do not have fear”. Once you overcome any fear about damaging any of your equipment, these hacks become very entertaining and a good way to pass the time. Moreover, if your hack is actually successful, you’ve got something to brag about to your buddies. What’s more, the various hacks covered will provide the skill to move to increasingly complex projects. The book begins with a very useful introduction to basic electronics. You learn the difference between capacitors, transistors, resistors, etc. The chapter then proceeds to discuss the basics of soldering and other electronics basics. This is a very fun book to read, and it contains a lot of fun projects. If you like taking things apart and have no fear, this is a book you certainly want to get your hands on.